Friday, October 29, 2010

Stories of my Life - Chapter 2

It was year 1997, when I first met this beautiful lady. Months had passed until end of the school year is approaching, she then wrote a letter to me saying that she's just waiting for me. Oh my! I have wasted 8 long months of not saying anything to her about my feelings and all I have done is just a mere "ligaw tingin".haysss...

And the school year ends. I haven't had the chance to visit her at home nor send any letter. In short, 2 months without communication since that time cellular phone is not that popular.

And the summer vacation end. Yesssss!!!!!!!!!!! I can see her again.

School year 1998-1999 is about to start. I went to school to enroll myself but the main purpose is to see her. That's what on my mind. I went to barbershop to cut off my hair and the haircut I choose is.... Flat top! Why? I think it looks neat and I am comfortable on it.

Anyway, back to my girl. When at school I had this time to talk to my classmates last year, share our joys and experiences and laugh our heart out of it. Then the story goes on to what had happened last year. They kept on asking if I had already won her heart. I am started talking when all of a sudden here she comes... entering the school gate. Oh.... My heart beats faster... and faster.... and my legs started to shake... as well as my hands. No! I'm trembling. But, why? Our former classmates teased us and the only thing I have done is to return a smile. No words come out of my mind. I can't speak?! Please help me Lord. This girl is almost a woman now.

Wake up,
The morning's over.
The bed is soft and warm,
Where I lay.

I've dreamed the whole night through,
Of how I'd say to you,
All the things,
My heart wants to say.

Last night,
You made me dream of,
'Cause I had never loved a woman,

And I guess the dream is over,
'Cause the little girl was lost,
But now love,
I'm not dreaming any more.

This girl has turned into a woman.
And I've dreamed of this moment,
All my life.

This girl has turned into a woman.
And I thank you,
For knowing you
Last year.

I can't believe,
These feelings I've discovered.
Though I'm sure it's just,
What every person who love knows.

Now I'm offering to you,

I make a promise,
And ??? was gone tomorrow,
Don't pretend.

But right now I'm in love,
And that's all I'm thinking of.
And I hope this feeling,
Never ever ends.

This girl has turned into a woman.
And I've dreamed of this moment,
All my life.
This girl has turned into a woman.
And I thank you,
For knowing you last year.

And I want to be with you,
Once again,
This year.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stories of my Life - Chapter 1

11 years had already passed and now we're here comfortably and peacefully clinging into each others arms. whew! Now i can say and shout to the world "I am the happiest man on earth!".

Anyway, let's get back to when and we're it all started.

Mid of June school year 1997-1998 when i first saw the face of this beautiful young lady. Cute, energetic and you can always glimpse a smile into her face. It was my first day on that section wherein I, Neil, Heineken, and rest of my batch mates we're transferred to that section from a lower one. Immediately after I saw her I said to myself "I love her" and i want to be with her. But, on the following day I never had the chance to see and know her name because she's nowhere to be found.

Where is she? Uttered my mind. My eyes searched the whole classroom hoping to see her beautiful face again. But I was unlucky. hayyssss... Until one of my classmate Merlinda told me that she was sick and that girl had a crush on me. Ohhh... Kinda flattered. Me? Are you kidding? hahaha! I just laugh. Anyway, why what happened to her? I asked merlinda. I hadn't got any response. Okay, hope she's alright and get well soon so that I will be able to know her more.

Days had passed and she returned to school. We became friend and also had the chance to know each other. We used to eat our lunch together in a cafeteria. I just said together no other one is in their just the 2 of us. But just for 2 days i think. Maybe she's bored because I didn't talk too much. i just sit there and watched her beautiful face.

On the entire school year we had these memorable events in our life. I want to be her knight on shining armor. So, just read the following...

I am the one held her up when she slipped to a slippery floor because of wet floor wax. "Hey! Don’t be scared I am holding you."

I used to accompany her across the street and then says goodbye while she depart riding a vehicle. "Bye! Have a safe trip."

We use to watch a show inside the WVSU cultural center. "hmmm... you knew what happened"

I teach her on math subject."1+1=2"

For 1 whole year I didn't have the chance to tell exactly my feelings for her so before the end of school year she wrote a letter/poem for me saying that she's just waiting for me to say the MAGIC WORD. And the famous word that i could still remember there is "Tameme" which came from Jolina's song Tameme. hahaha!

Next school year?

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Good day everyone! In this Blog I just want to share the love stories of my life. How I met this girl whom I wanted to share my life with. The trials we have faced and how we are able to conquer it. Please do follow us from day to day and continue reading in what I think 1 of a kind fairy tale that comes into a happy ending. Now I really believe that their is really a phrase "and they lived happily ever after..."